Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a process that can help businesses large and small modernize their operations and reinvent customer experiences. This process involves utilizing digital tools to improve efficiency and productivity. Examples of these tools include, but are not limited to, distributed cloud technology, software as a service (SaaS), multi-channel communications, process automation, marketing automation, and low-code platforms.

For businesses, digital transformation can offer many benefits, including reduced costs, increased speed and flexibility, greater market reach, and more intelligent decision making. Almost every aspect of a business can benefit from embracing digital transformation technology, including operations, marketing, and customer service. Digital transformation is also an opportunity for SMBs to compete on a level playing field with larger businesses and continue to compete effectively in the market well into the future.

The time of digital transformation has arrived, and it is imperative for organizations, regardless of size, to embrace digital transformation. In addition to offering cloud-based SaaS solutions (meaning the users can be located anywhere with an internet connection), GP Techware provides solutions that enable customers to achieve digital transformation through the provision of multi-channel communications, automation in the areas of marketing and business processes, payments management, sales management, and low-code technologies for additional features and stand-alone application development.

What does multi-channel communications mean and what are the benefits for my business and customers?

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations need to adopt a customer-first mindset. Customers want to communicate with businesses on their choice of medium. This means that best practices are for businesses to employ a multi-channel communications strategy. GP Techware offers solutions that have been developed with intuitive, user-friendly, point-and-click unified messaging management systems with capabilities such as two-way text messaging, voicemail drops, live call transfers, email, Messenger, and website chat-to-text messaging. This enables organizations to quickly respond to prospects and customers quickly regardless of the communications channel. Also, no one likes repeating themselves, and this is a reason why the history of all inbound and outbound communications with every customer and prospect is stored and displayed in the unified messaging system.

What is marketing automation and how can my business use this tool?

Marketing automation is a digital transformation technology that utilizes personalized useful content that helps convert business prospects to loyal customers. This tool is able to automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing and lead response, while also providing a more personalized experience. These workflows help drive qualified leads to helpful content, resulting in warm prospects that can then be nurtured into customers.  With effective marketing automation, there is no need for complicated customer hand-off procedures, because conversations and other important data collected are automatically saved into a cloud-based platform. No one likes repeating themselves, and this is another reason why marketing automation is so great for customers. Data is collected, stored, and used in the marketing software so the business can offer its customers a personalized experience.

The marketing automation solutions offered by GP Techware offer customizable marketing sequences that perform automated follow-up contact to all of your prospects using SMS, emails, voicemail drops, phone, and Messenger. Set customized automation rules based on interactions and message responses, capture new customers, remarket existing customers and prospects, improve marketing efficiency, and analyze lead behavior and sequence workflow performance.

What is business process automation and how does that apply to my business?

A key aspect of embracing digital transformation is the utilization of business process automation tools that enable businesses to automate and streamline mundane, often manual, processes that allow your employees to focus on higher-value tasks that require more creativity and strategic thinking. GP Techware provides an end-to-end process automation rules engine solution to streamline your operations, a calendar booking engine to manage your team's appointments and customizable inbuilt forms that are a powerful tool for collecting information.

What customer payments management solutions are offered and how are they utilized?

At the core of every business is managing the collection of customer payments, membership dues, or donations. For most membership-based organizations and nonprofits, funding is a never-ending responsibility. GP Techware offers its clients comprehensive customer payment solutions that can manage subscriptions, recurring payments, memberships, donations, one-time payments, invoicing, quotations, coupons, and payment history. Our customer payments solutions are complete with a portal that integrates with your organization's website so that customers can directly access features such as invoice payments, payment method management, invoice history, payment status updates, and text and email reminders for upcoming payments. These solutions are designed to save businesses time and money by automating the payment process, while also providing a better experience for customers by giving them more control over their payments.

Do you also provide sales management solutions, and how are they integrated with your other offerings?

Yes. GP Techware offers sales management solutions that include custom sales pipelines that visually represent opportunities, making it easy to create, edit, and manage them. Sales Pipelines allow users to see the entire process in one easy-to-use place, from opportunity creation through sale closing. Both an overview dashboard and individual pipeline views connect directly into an integrated CRM for advanced sequence automations based on customizable criteria. Within each pipeline, sales opportunities are displayed as cards containing contact information. These opportunities can be dragged and dropped into different stages and brought in and out of pipelines through event automations. For example, a lead can be placed in a particular pipeline stage when they submit their lead form information. Another example would be that salespersons and managers will be informed when a lead responds to a follow-up sequence. An appointment reminder sequence can also be activated when a contact sets an appointment using an appointment booking widget.

What is a low-code development environment and what solutions do you offer?

There is a rapidly growing digital transformation trend of using low-code platforms that offer a development environment to create software applications much faster with substantial savings versus traditional software development.  Low-code development environments enable a business to substantially increase the speed of new development while also significantly reducing the cost of new feature development and technical maintenance of the application. From the customer perspective, this low-code environment will provide the opportunity for the Company to quickly and cost-efficiently add features and integrations that are requested by existing and new customers. This added flexibility will increase customer loyalty and open new markets.

GP Techware offers the use of a low-code platform that enables clients to create software applications much faster with substantial savings versus traditional software development. If you are seeking to quickly and efficiently develop a new solution, then let's discuss how our Low-Code Application Hub and connected services may be the right fit for your organization.

Do you provide services that compliment the solutions you offer?

Yes. Combined with providing a comprehensive set of digital transformation solutions, GP Techware provides value-added professional services related to these platforms. Currently, the company offers marketing management, low-code application development, and custom software development services. You can also learn more about GP Techware here.

Do you provide custom software development services?

Yes. We provide both low-code application development services and custom software development services. Whether you are seeking to build a custom add-on to an existing solution, or need assistance in developing a new solution, we have the expertise you need. We have expertise in product engineering, project management, and creating software platforms as well as middleware solutions. GP Techware has the ability to take care of all your needs from concept, development, and production.