GP Techware Platform Features

Your business faces many challenges in today's competitive landscape. Our GP Techware platform is designed to provide the tools and resources your company needs to grow, increase sales, reduce costs so you can stay ahead of the competition. Below please find descriptions of some of the main platform features.

Unified Messaging

The way most of us communicate with customers has evolved. We're trying to reach more people in less time, and using a variety of mediums from emailing to talking on the phone or messaging via SMS. All inbound and outbound communications and conversations with your clients and prospects are tracked and displayed in a single point-and-click interface. Create cross-channel marketing campaigns by sending SMS, Emails, Messenger, telephone calls, voicemail drops, and website chat-to-text messaging.

Sales Pipeline

Our custom sales pipelines are a visual representation of all your opportunities and make it easier than ever to create, edit, and manage them. Sales Pipelines will allow you to see the entire process from opportunity creation through sale closing in one easy-to-use place with both an overview dashboard as well as individual pipeline views that connect directly into CRM for advanced sequences based on customizable criteria such as assigned user and lead sequences.

Marketing Automation

Customizable marketing sequences perform automated follow up contact to all of your prospects using SMS, emails, voicemail drops, phone, and Messenger. Set customized automations based on intereactions and message response, capture new customers, remarket existing customers and prospects, improve marketing efficiency, and analyze lead behavior and campaign performance.

Appointment Engine

The calendar booking engine is a powerful tool for managing the appointments of your team members. It can schedule reminders, automatically reschedule missed meetings and send out cancellations to everyone involved in an event. With intelligent automation sequences you'll be able to boost productivity by creating workflows that will help remind people about new events or when there are no longer any relevant upcoming engagements on their calendars.

Integrated CRM

Easily track your existing customer and new lead contact information and all conversations through an integrated CRM that is also a connector to all platform business management and marketing automation tools for acquiring, developing and retaining customers.

Form Builder

Inbuilt forms are a powerful tool for collecting information. Customizable standalone or embedded forms can map collected data to system fields and provide notifications whenever someone fills out the form, allowing you to easily access and analyze all responses in one centralized location.

Reports & Analytics

Generate custom real-time reports and drill down through your contact data using a simple point-and-click interface. Track conversations, lead contact information and opportunity pipeline status all in one spot. The at a glance dashboard features a color-coded pipeline visualization which displays lead stage status and conversion statistics and can be adjusted to produce reports for any date range.

Member Manager

Manage new and existing memberships, settings, invoices, payments, and donations via customizable membership module. Developed to handle both fixed and variable memberships, the system offers multiple categories with customizable descriptions and pricing. It also comes with an external portal that non-members can use to request membership as well as make payments or change payment methods.

Customer Portal

Designed to give your customers access to services and useful information they need. Our customer portal is a secure and convenient gateway for members and non-members to access their account, request membership, make payments and change payment methods. This portal also provides your company an opportunity for more targeted engagement with existing customers in order to strengthen your business relationships.

Proposal Builder

The needs of an Economic Development Organization can be diverse and intense. Our proposal builder can enable you to efficiently create proposals in response to development RFPs utilizing collaboration communications and your integrated commercial real estate database where you can build your proprietary library of fully customizable templates. Then add charts, infographics, photos, and screenshots to bring your proposal to life!


The collaboration system provides an environment where Economic Development Organizations can monitor and track their internal and external communication through multiple channels to manage and efficiently respond to project proposal requests. Supplying teams with an easy-to-use platform for collaboration enables cross pollination of ideas to produce higher quality content across project proposals, leading the way in effective economic development practices.

Commercial RE Manager

Collect, catalog, share, display and even monetize unlimited number of commercial real estate properties. The commercial property listing manager enables Economic Development Organizations to display available properties on your website or lead capture landing pages. You can also permit commercial real estate brokers and non-member post properties and even charge a fee. Your organization also has the ability to approve / disapprove each submission.

Communications Channels

Everyone has a preferred means of staying in touch. Communicate with your customers and leads on the channel they want to interact with your business. Experience a multi-channel communications management system with communication channel capabilities such as email, two way SMS, live call transfers, Messenger, voicemail drops, chat-to-text, and Google My Business to establish and nurture relationships with customers and prospects.


Send emails as part of your follow up campaign and other system communications. Email marketing allows you to create highly targeted messages that are sent directly into your customer's inbox. Use automated email sequences to attract new customers by delivering relevant content or offers through one of the mediums they're likely going to be checking - their emails - in their own time!


Engage your leads using two-way text messaging. and provide instant access to your customers when they're ready for you. A text message is perfect for telling them about a sale, new product or event in immediate time frames that cannot be matched by any other marketing tool available on the market today. You have an opportunity with SMS Marketing to create messaging that is relevant and engaging - keeping open lines of communication going!


Send and receive calls from the platform or schedule calls using customizable sequence events. The telephone is a very important communication channel for making sales and closing deals. Schedule calls to visit people at the perfect time and with or use our customizable marketing sequences to follow up or make cold calls.


Facebook has significantly evolved in recent years, and one of its most popular features is Messenger, which allows you to communicate with others without having to go through an email chain or phone call. With over 1 billion people on Messenger alone, it's a great way for businesses and brands alike to get closer with customers and leads that are genuinely interested in your product.

Voicemail Drops

Voicemail drops are a useful tool in any marketing strategy. It can make your prospect listen to you without fear of getting an expensive sales pitch from someone on the phone and saves time for both parties as well.


Use GP Techware's website chat widget on your website and instantly convert your visitors' interactions into high converting SMS text message conversations, which can also be linked to marketing automations and sequences. Never miss another opportunity to convert your website traffic in revenue again!

Google My Business

Please stay tuned as COMING SOON, the GP Techware platform will offer direct Google My Business messaging so you can receive and reply directly to your customers seeking to interact with your business on this channel.

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