With GP Techware, you have access to the power and potential of our business management and marketing automation solutions designed to work across a wide variety of industries such as small to medium-sized businesses, health care, nonprofits, and member-based organizations.
The age of digital transformation is upon us, bringing with it the need for all businesses to adopt the latest technologies, regardless of size. Digital transformation is a process that can help businesses, both large and small, modernize their operations and reinvent customer experiences. This process involves utilizing digital tools to improve efficiency and productivity. GP Techware is a prover of digital transformation solutions with a focus on small to medium businesses (SMBs), nonprofits, membership-based organizations, and health care organizations.
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Small and Medium
Sized Businesses

In today's ever-changing environment, small businesses often face difficulties in maintaining a professional image when there is so much going on behind the scenes. With the small business owner often playing multiple roles, creating more efficiency and organization can go a long way to getting your core tasks done so you have more time to spend growing the business. GP Techware's digital transformation solutions are designed for ease of use and full integration across all aspects of your business whether it’s managing leads, tracking clients, or generating new business. This enables you to spend less time managing your processes and more time focusing on making sales or doing what's important for running your business.

Health Care

Digital transformation solutions are essential for health care organizations (including hospitals, physician practices, physical therapists, chiropractors, and dentists) to remain competitive in today's rapidly changing world. By leveraging automated marketing tools, business management automation systems, and a unified communication system, health care organizations can maximize their efficiency and ultimately provide better care. Whether your organization needs two-way texting connected with automation for appointment confirmations, or a dedicated patient portal for the collection of payments, managing invoices, and viewing payments history, or managing online reviews, GP Techware has the HIPAA compliant solution your organization needs to grow your organize and improve patient experiences.
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All too often, nonprofits face increasing difficulty in growing their organization due to administrative budget or operational bandwidth. It can be very challenging to manage growth while attempting to maintain communication with existing stakeholders, nurture relationships with potential donors, and manage the new burden of administrative workload that goes along with such an expansion. Using GP Techware's solutions, your team will be able to manage all communication in one unified messaging system, generate reports, and collect donations from our easy-to-use customer portal. Harness the power of digital transformation to relieve your team of the increased workload and get back to your organization's mission.


Chances are, the capital your membership-based organization needs to operate and carry out its mission is generated from fees you charge your member base. Keeping members and other stakeholders informed and engaged is an important part of a successful member retention program. GP Techware offers member management solutions that provide real-time billing, tracking, member account access, transaction history, account updates and two-way communications between you and your existing and potential members.
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