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Businesses need a way to compete in today's ever-changing environment. With GP Techware, you have access to the power and potential of our business management and marketing automation solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Whether you are an Economic Development Organization, chamber of commerce, nonprofit, or a small or medium-sized business in any market segment, our solutions can enable you to scale your business while also reducing costs.

Economic Development

Provide your development team with an intuitive, user friendly, point-and-click interface with features that include, a unified messaging interface where all cross channel inbound and outbound communications and conversations are tracked and displayed. Our proposal builder can enable you to efficiently create proposals in response to development RFPs utilizing collaboration communications and your integrated commercial real estate database where you can build your proprietary library of fully customizable templates. The collaboration system provides an environment where Economic Development Organizations can monitor and track their internal and external communication through multiple channels to manage and efficiently respond to project proposal requests.
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Membership Based Organizations

Chances are, the capital your membership based orgaizations needs to operate and carry out its mission is generated from fees you charge your member base. Keeping members and other stakeholders informed and engaged is an important part of a successful member retention program. GP Techware's platform includes a member management system that provides real time billing, tracking, member account access, transaction history, account updates and two way communications between you and your existing and potential members.
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Nonprofit Organizations

All too often, nonprofits face increasing difficulty in growing their organization due to administrative budget or operational bandwidth. It can be very challenging to manage growth while attempting to maintain communication with existing stakeholders, nurture relationships with potential donors, and manage the new burden of administrative workload that goes along with such an expansion. GP Techware's process automation and management solutions are designed to streamline your operations, increase responsiveness, and reduce costs. Using our purpose built tools, your team will be able to manage all communication in one unified messaging system, generate reports, and collect donations from our easy-to-use customer portal. Harness the power of our platform to relieve your team of the increased workload and get back to your organization's mission.
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Financial Services

As a financial services organization, you are always being evaluated by your clients. You need to keep them informed and engaged in order to generate leads from new opportunities while also nurturing relationships with existing clients. Keeping up-to-date with the rapidly changing technology boosts transparency and enables your businesses to drive higher levels of customer engagement and develop personalized experiences for each client. Use our smart integrations and custom form builder to capture new lead information. Then our integrated CRM will track new lead and all conversations through the unified messaging panel. Instead of spending your time responding to every lead, use the power of our marketing automations to send out the initial follow. This will enable you to focus your time qualified prospects and close more deals, which means more money to your bottom line.
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Real Estate

To say that the current state of the residential real estate market is highly competitive would be an understatement. Given the lack of supply of sellers and abundance of buyers, now more than ever it is important for brokers and agents to nurture existing clients and respond efficiently to new prospects. Gone are the days of running a simple Facebook ad to generate deals and calling prospects and clients back when convenient for you. In today’s market, responses need to be almost immediate and new leads need to be responded to up to several times to have the highest chance of converting. Real estate brokers and agents can take advantage of our lead management system, integrated CRM, marketing automations, and appointment setting engine to drive their business and thrive.
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It has never been more important to get it right the first time for customers. As competition in the insurance industry increases, companies need a fast and efficient way to produce and manage high volumes of leads while also nurturing relationships with existing clients. The power of our technology platforms enables you to automate the repetitive non revenue generating tasks and focus on making sales and growing your book of business. Our integrated CRM and sales pipelines will keep your team organized and dialed in on what's important while our appointment booking system will allow agents to sync their schedules so they can give potential clients accurate responses on when they’re available for meetings. Once a meeting is set, you can have the system put them into an automated reminder sequence which will increase your show rates which means closing more deals.
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Professional Services

Our platform is designed with professionals in mind so we understand how critical it is for you to stay organized, connect with leads efficiently and communicate effectively within your company. Our lead management system and CRM integrates directly with our marketing automation tools so you can efficiently respond to new leads and nurture existing customers all from one easy-to-use system. This will enable your team to spend more time managing customer engagements and driving revenue.
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Small to Medium Enterprises

Business owners often find themselves in a tough spot. In today's ever changing environment, small businesses face difficulties in maintaining a professional image when there is so much going on behind the scenes. The outside world only sees what we show them, so it's important that we present our best face every time. With the small business owner often playing multiple roles, creating more efficiency and organization can go a long way to getting your core tasks done so you have more time to spend growing the business. The GP Techware Platform is designed for ease of use and full integration across all aspects of your business whether it’s managing leads, tracking clients or generating new business. This enables you to spend less time managing your processes and more time focusing on making sales or doing what's important for running your business. Whether it is an integrated CRM, membership management solution, customer payments portal, unified messaging capabilities, or marketing automations, we have the tools your company needs to grow and succeed.
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