With GP Techware, you have access to the power and potential of business communication, process automation, and marketing automation solutions designed for use by a wide variety of small to medium-sized businesses, health care organizations, nonprofits, and member-based organizations.

Digital Transformation Solutions

No matter the size of the business, customers expect digital ease and innovation. Digital transformation refers to utilizing digital technology to create new or modify current business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet evolving business and market requirements. Whether your organization needs a unified communications system with an integrated CRM and marketing automation module, a full-scale payments management solution, or a low-code application development environment that provides the ability to quickly and cost-efficiently design, create, deploy and maintain a new solution while maintaining security and reliability, GP Techware has the digital transformation tools companies need to grow and achieve their goals.
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Business Process

Is your business looking for ways to take your operation to the next level using the latest technologies? A key aspect of embracing digital transformation is the utilization of business process automation tools that enable businesses to automate and streamline mundane, often manual, processes that allow your employees to focus on higher-value tasks that require more creativity and strategic thinking. GP Techware provides an end-to-end process automation rules engine solution to streamline your operations, a calendar booking engine to manage your team's appointments, and customizable inbuilt forms are a powerful tool for collecting information.

Marketing Automation

Another digital transformation technology that GP Techware offers its clients is marketing automation that utilizes personalized, helpful content that helps convert business prospects to customers and loyal advocates. Customizable marketing sequences perform automated follow-up contact to all of your prospects using SMS, emails, voicemail drops, phone, and Messenger. Set customized automation rules based on interactions and message response, capture new customers, remarket existing customers and prospects, improve marketing efficiency, and analyze lead behavior and sequence workflow performance. Marketing automation helps businesses prioritize tasks and manage leads with incoming questions, and customers get the same experience no matter what channel they choose to communicate with your business.
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Unified Messaging

In today’s rapidly changing environment, organizations need to adopt a customer-first mindset. Customers want to communicate with businesses on their choice of medium. This means that best practices are for businesses to employ a multi-channel communications strategy. GP Techware offers intuitive, user-friendly, point-and-click unified messaging management systems with capabilities such as two-way text messaging, voicemail drops, live call transfers, email, Messenger, and website chat-to-text messaging. This enables organizations to quickly respond to prospects and customers quickly regardless of medium. Also, no one likes repeating themselves, and this is a reason why the history of all inbound and outbound communications with a particular contact is stored and displayed in the unified messaging system.

Integrated CRM

Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are an invaluable tool for any business looking to build long-term relationships with customers. Organizations can use a CRM to automate sales processes, streamline customer service operations, and gain insights into customer data. GP Techware provides CRM solutions that fully integrate with offered unified messaging, business process automation, marketing automation, customer payments, membership management, and reputation management systems. This makes the CRM component a connector to all these tools, allowing businesses to acquire, nurture, and retain customers.
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Member Manager

For most membership-based organizations and nonprofits, funding is a never-ending responsibility. If you are operating a membership-based organization, the capital your organization needs to carry out its mission is generated from fees you charge your member base. Keeping members and other stakeholders informed and engaged is an important part of a successful member retention program. GP Techware offers its clients a member management system that integrates with a CRM, unified messaging system, payments management system, and portal that together provide real-time billing, tracking, member account access, transaction history, account updates and two-way communications with your existing and potential members.

Customer Payments

At the core of every business is managing the collection of customer payments, membership dues, or donations. GP Techware offers its clients comprehensive customer payment solutions that can manage subscriptions, recurring payments, memberships, donations, one-time payments, invoicing, quotations, coupons, and payment history. Our payments solutions are complete with a portal that integrates with your organization's website so that customers can directly access features such as invoice payments, payment method management, invoice history, payment status updates, and text and email reminders for upcoming payments. This system is designed to save businesses time and money by automating the payment process, while also providing a better experience for customers by giving them more control over their payments.
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Reputation Management

As your business strives to stay ahead of the competition, your online reputation has become increasingly important. With the power of social media and customer reviews, businesses must be aware of how they are perceived by their prospects and customers. GP Techware offers reputation management solutions that enable your organization to automatically request reviews on your review platforms of choice (including top platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp) from existing customers. Our solutions also enable you to monitor review activity and directly respond to reviews, and display such reviews on your website via an easy-to-use widget. A key benefit of our reputation management solutions is that your organization will be able to respond quickly to negative reviews and take proactive measures to improve your online reputation.

Application Hub

Another digital transformation tool that GP Techware offers is the use of a low-code platform that enables clients to create software applications much faster with substantial savings versus traditional software development. The use of low-code platform technology can lead to increased rates of innovation and greater rates of operational efficiencies by producing application solutions (or new feature sets to meet customer demands) at much faster rates with less cost as a result of substantially reduced amounts of development team time and lower technical maintenance versus the traditional software development process. If you are seeking to quickly and efficiently develop a new solution, then let's discuss how our Low-Code Application Hub may be the right fit your organization.
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